Your Personal Shopper for your online shopping is your Personal Shopper for your online shopping and will help you to buy. How are you going to help? showing you neutral results  with respect to that online store or seller is going to offer you the best choice, for example by entering a product you’re going to go by presenting the existing options and honking type questions in that city are looking for who sell you the product, if the product you want to buy new or used, among others. These suggestions and questions that you can use or not, as you like, serve so that you get a most accurate result looking for the product you want to buy.


With the result you get to know quickly that online stores and vendors that offer the product you are looking for and you are going to be able to assess your future purchase:

At a click

You can change the criteria and the result, changes instantly, so quickly you are going to be able to:

  • Remove or add a shop in the result.
  • Only see the products that are offered in your city.
  • Sort the result by who sells more.
  • Sort the result by its reputation.

Compare prices

You can compare the sales price among the sellers of different online stores or only of a particular online store.

Indicators on market values

You can obtain indicators that will allow you to know the minimum price, the average price, the maximum price and the price range of market to know if what you’re going to pay is within a suitable value.

What online store is located in the results?

It is a new project and we are adding stores as the project progresses, you can follow us on Twitter to be able to catch up on all our news.

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